Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old China Tablescape

I'm linking up with BNOTP for "Tablescape Thursday".
You can find Susan's wonderful blog and all the other tablescapes here:

I found these old china plates at a garage sale a couple years ago. It isn't anything fancy and you can tell it was well used. It's made in the USA and has "University Ware" stamped on the back.

I like the soft color of the flowers. The gold edges are worn and there's a couple chips.

I dressed it up with some crystal and it makes a pretty table.
I like to use several non-matching candlesticks of different heights.

This teapot came from Marshalls

The sherbets were my mothers and are old. They go perfectly here.

This is my sterling silverware. Pattern is Towle "Rambler Rose". My Godmother started buying it for me when I was born and for a few birthdays. I've bought a few pieces years later.

Evening is approaching.

This serving bowl and the cups and saucers were Goodwill finds and go with everything!

This gorgeous Cambridge Glass platter was a wedding gift from my Aunt Kitty for my first marriage in 1963.

The candlelight makes all the difference to a table setting!

Doesn't it make you wonder . . . What's for dinner! Ha!!

There's those little birds again. I should really look for some different S&P shakers!

I love little paper doilies!

I hope you liked my fancier tablescape this week.



  1. My eye immediately flew to the gorgeous Cambridge platter in the candlelight shot...beautiful! And I adore your mother's lovely sherbets...aren't family treasures just the very best! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  2. Shirley,
    The china you found is gorgeous! I love your mother's sherbets with it and the silver. Very pretty and elegant table.

  3. You bet I like it! I love your plates and softness. Transferware is my favorite all time thing. I have always liked long champ crystal. And I am the same way about candlesticks. Your photos are good all of the time but tonight they are really great. Look good enough to be in a magazine.
    I love your bird s&p! It's like that gnome that was kidnapped and they keep taking photos of him all over the world. You just never knew where you were going to find him next. And they look good with every table scape you do.
    Have a great night!

  4. Especially in the candle light...your table shines so beautifully and the vintage dishes are gorgeous.

    Very nice Tablescape!

  5. Everything is lovely. Your silverware pattern is very stylish.

  6. I sure do like your table, Shirley! Especially your sherbets.Very Sweet.

  7. Oh....was a gorgeous table!! I think your dishes are beautiful and those crystal candlesticks make the whole table magical!

  8. Your table just shines! I love your dishes and sherbert cups. A beautiful fancy table! Thank you for sharing...Blessings My Friend,

  9. How lovely! Your mother's pink sherbets immediately caught my eye, and they ARE perfect with these dishes. I love that the dishes show a bit of wear -- you can tell they were much loved!

  10. Shirley, loved your inherited sherberts - the pattern is lovely as well as the color. Goes great with the plates you selected. Also agree with you on nonmatching candlesticks for interest.

  11. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I love, love these dishes. Looking forward to more posts!

  12. Your table is just so romantic! The pretty dainty china is wonderful on the dark wooden table. I love the fact they are from a garage sale. If you hadn't told us, I would believe they were from an antique store.

  13. I love your Cambridge platter and the old dishes are beautiful! I think your mom's sherberts are beautiful... Your whole tablescape is terrific, I'm glad I dropped by our post, now I'm your newest follower. Come visit me on An Asian Tablescape for thurs. at Susan's, hope you follow me to, I'll be so honored!

  14. Oh! I forgot to comment that my daughter says the same thing about me...that I live in a We all have different bubbles...don't we? I love your house and the beautiful pics you've taken of the sorroundings and the horses.
    Looking forward for more posts.

  15. Hi lovely lady you know I love your Bablescapes with all your lovely dishes !!!I have no Tablescapes to night because Im having a [Appreciation Give-A-way} I hope you come join us sweet lady.

  16. I love all the stories behind your pieces. What a great gift your godmother started and those dishes from the garage sale...I think they are beautiful and fit so well with your mother's sherberts. It really is stunning in candlelight.

  17. I have had computer problems since Wednesday and am just getting a chance to visit some tables from TT.

    This is definitely one of my very favorites from the whole week! I am crazy about those pink sherbets.


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