Monday, February 28, 2011

Rocky Won't Let Me Sleep

There's a thunderstorm going on here which Rocky is terrified of. So he comes up on the bed and claws at me till there is no use to try to sleep. It's 3 am! I want to go to bed!!!! When I close the door he scratches on it and barks. He wants to be with me and he wants me awake!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I'll go bake some brownies.
I'm feeling better except for my bum (lower back). I can hardly sit and takes me forever to get in a comfortable laying position. Even walking isn't pretty! I hope I didn't break anything!
Tomorrow is barn day for me although there's not that much I can do. I won't be riding for a few weeks I'll tell you that!!!


  1. yes, the storms last night were not fun. Hope your backside gets to feeling better!

  2. Shirley...that really doesn't sound good! It's been how long since you fell? Perhaps you should go have an x-ray. I know that bone bruises take a long time to heal especially when we're "older"...:)JP


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