Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finicky Miss Ellie

for "Mosaic Monday"

My Cat Mosaic
My female cat, Miss Ellie, will not drink out of a water bowl! She waits by any spigot I'm by for me to turn it on and let her drink from running water!!!!

She's my sort of nasty cat that hisses at anyone disturbing her. Even Monk, my St Bernard, gives her a wide berth and whimpers when he passes her. Rocky won't even go near her. She takes full advantage of them and will sit in a doorway just to keep them from passing through!


  1. Sounds like my cat Molly. She does the laying in the doorway trick to intimidate our dog Chloe. She will also sit in front of the water fountain and not let Chloe get a drink. She won't drink out of a bowl either so I bought one of those water fountain type bowls for her. Otherwise she sloshes the water with her paws and makes a huge mess. She likes water to be moving for some unknown reason.

  2. Tough kitty! Love the mosaic, too cool she drinks from the faucet :)

  3. What a wonderful mosaic!
    Have a nice week,

  4. LOL! Miss Ellie rules her world. I have a kitty who drinks from the bathroom faucet and he *taught* the little kitty to drink there, too. Fun mosaic!


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