Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monk is Doing Well

Monk had his second round of heart worm treatments the last 2 days at the vet. He stayed overnight last night and came home late this afternoon.
So he's back on his couch!
He looks good but is sore and moving slowly. (I mean slower than his normal slow.)
He has to stay quiet for about a month. Some more active dogs have to actually be in a crate for a month. This is to try to prevent the heart worms from breaking off as they die (before they decompose) and going to the lungs.
He's groaning a lot and wasn't interested in eating his supper. He didn't eat much at the vet's either. So I went right into "cooking for Monk" mode and made the "tummy diet".
I gave him a couple small helpings which he of course gobbled up.
I hope you feel better tomorrow Monk.

You can find the "Tummy Diet" here. A vet gave this to the rescue where Monk came from for any dogs with stomach problems.
It certainly has worked for Monk.


1 comment:

  1. Poor Monk. Get better. Good thing he has you to cook for him.


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