Monday, November 21, 2011

Orange Juice Cake - OOPS

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This is a recipe that my sister brought me when she visited a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure where she said she got it. It sounded really good to me and I had all the ingredients.
And I had my silicon bundt pan!

I didn't save the directions to my silicon pan but I was pretty sure that you didn't have to grease them.
Now if you read the recipe, you know that you are supposed to pour a hot glaze over the hot cake when it comes out of the oven.
Notice that the cake has risen above that tube in the middle and the tube has a hole in it.

Here is the glaze of butter, orange juice and sugar boiling for 2 minutes while the cake is about done.

I poured the glaze over the cake, a lot of it escaping down the hole in the middle and making a sticky mess.
Now it is to sit and soak in and cool for an hour before you "release" it onto a plate.

That's where the OOPS part comes in!!!!!
The glaze acted like a sticky glue and my wonderful smelling orange cake would not come out of my silicon pan!!!

I tried sort of piecing it back together but it was still a sad looking mess.
I'm sure glad this was just for me and that I hadn't made it to take for Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

The cake is just delicious however!! Very sweet and very moist!
I'm keeping mine in the refrigerator.
I'll try a regular metal bundt pan next time that you can grease and flour!
Oh yes, and it would be important that the tube in the middle be higher than the cake rises!!
Still delicious though!
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  1. Hi Shirley, my Southern Neighbor!

    What a shame that your cake wouldn't come out of the pan nicely but it sure sounds delicious! I have a very similar silicon pan & have yet to use it. I think you were smart to place it on a pizza pan for baking. Must remember that!
    Do you think it might have worked if you'd tipped the cake out of the pan first & then drizzled the glaze? I think I'll make a note to try that when I get around to doing this recipe.

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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