Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Practice Tea or (Cookies for Cake)

C is for Cookies for Cake
I received this little tea set for my grandkids from my niece. It was her girl's when she was young.
Today I showed it to Ava and she wanted to have "tea" in the worse way so here was our "practice tea" with her little brother Jack.

I had planned on a fancier occasion with hats and high heels and cake. Today I just broke up a couple pumpkin Cookies and pretended it was Cake


  1. They don't seem to mind cookies for cake at all. That's what pretend is all about.

  2. What fun! Now I'm in the mood for tea, too!

  3. Love your Grands having tea and cookies as cake! Super cute! hugs, Linda

  4. So adorable - you are blessed to have grandchildren in your life...what a joy!

  5. I've had a few such tea parties myself! Aren't grand kids wonderful?


  6. How cute are these! I think everyone goes through a tiny tea set at some point! ;)


  7. awesome. I still have the little china tea set from my childhood. So fun.

  8. Late visit from last week but wanted to say thanks for sharing a giggle:) May be back for another look too...

  9. There is nothing sweeter than tea sets and children!

    I loved this post!

    It made my heart smile...and remember that it's really about time to have a tea party with my Grandlittles! I'm going to dig out our little set and have it at the ready!

    Thanks for a cute post for the letter "C".



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