Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing the Things I find in My House!

I was looking for something in my house, I think some twine that I know I've re-bought a couple times. (No, I didn't find it and will now buy another roll!)
But in looking, I found things that I had forgotten I had or don't even remember!!!!!

Here is the over the door hanger that I look for every Christmas time.  I think I'll just hook it on a door and leave it there!!

Two wooden crochet hooks in a size I don't have.  Since I'm trying to learn to crochet, this is an "exciting" find!!

All these placemats were in a drawer I never go into.  Too bad I didn't have those red Christmas ones at Christmas!!

Well here is somewhere I haven't looked in a LONG time!  My grandmother's old blanket chest!

And there was a blanket!!!!!!!  Well an afghan someone had made me long time ago.  Maybe I could use it now that my family room is yellow!

In that same chest was a complete set of dishes that I remember getting at a garage sale!
You'll probably see them in a tablescape in the spring.

Also there was the cutest trowel door knocker that I was never able to use because my doors are glass.
And a flag holder that I'll be needing in the spring as mine is all rusty.

Now, this afghan was hiding on a chair under a lot of other things.  I really like this one and I think I put it up because I was afraid Rocky would chew on it!
I'm having a new respect for crocheted afghans!!!

Here's a good one  : ))  That's me (in the white jacket) and my husband Jack,(the tall one in the blue) at Snow Eagle ski school at Grey Rocks in Quebec.  The instructor is in the blue and red.  I don't remember the year!  Probably 25 years ago at least!
That was in the back of a closet with some other framed pictures.

Last but not least is this little guy.  He's a little puppet and is hanging on a clothes pole and clothes were shoved up against him so he got lost.  He's happy to be loose!
My grandkids will like him!

OK, that was only two rooms worth of finds!!
I'll have to keep looking!


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  1. Shirley, I lve finding things! That trowel door knocker...fold some napkins and use it as a napkin holder! I use an old woodpecker! really looks adorable and is quite a conversation piece!...:)JP


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