Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tea Time

My heritage is English.  My maiden name is Wickersham.
My mother's side is French,
I am thinking that I am going to celebrate my English heritage by trying to have afternoon tea every afternoon that I can.
The 4pm tea is called low tea and is usually accompanied with some small sandwiches or cakes.
That seems good to me!
Traditionally I believe the English took their tea with milk.  I used to drink my tea that way when I was young and it is quite good.
I think my urge to do this is from watching and loving "Downton Abbey";
(well, all English movies centered in the 1800's and early 1900's, for that matter.)
Or maybe it's from living in this 1850 house.
I think I'll have to start my teatime journey on Thursday though as I have a riding lesson at 4pm.
(I'll ride English!)
(And practice up on my British Accent!)



  1. Oh how lovely! I adore a cup of tea myself! :)


  2. I love to do tea. It never occurred to me to do it by myself. Very nice idea. I love Downtown Abbey too and it really puts me in a tea time mood.


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