Friday, January 4, 2013

Cold and Blustery!

The sun was out and the temperature went up a couple degrees but the wind picked up and it was frigid outside.
Michele and I were supposed to go to the barn today but opted out of it because of the cold.  We hope Sunday will be better!
We haven't been to the barn to ride since Christmas day.
It is so wonderful to be is such a spectacular boarding barn that takes care of your every horse's needs.  We never have to worry.  That's something we sure couldn't ever say before!
I only went outside today to do my "chicken care", feed the barn cats and get the mail.
It's surprising how well chickens do in the cold.  I guess they are wearing down coats!
My barn cats are out and about in the daytime but stay gladly huddled and sleeping under the heat lamp at night.
Heres a little video I took from the coop today.

When the "girls" hear my voice they come running because once a day during the winter they get some treat.  Mostly greens now.  Sometimes warm oatmeal or cream of wheat.
Yes, they are spoiled too!

Angel (momma cat) under the warmth of the heat lamp.

Pepsi getting a bite to eat.

Stay warm everyone!


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