Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crochet Challenged!

I tried to learn to crochet on my own a couple years ago.
I sort of gave it up for awhile after that but I'm bound and determined to learn!
I think the winter and cold weather makes you want to make something "wool" and it feels so comfortable to think of sitting by the fireplace knitting or crocheting something you can actually use!
Well, I know how to knit.  I remember that from when I was a young teenager!  (A miracle in itself!)  I actually knit some baby sweaters and sweaters for me and my boyfriend at the time!!  But I think knitting takes forever and crocheting is supposed to be faster once you learn how.  It's that last part I'm a little concerned over.
I actually got this yarn and little pattern a couple years ago and never did anything with it.  So when I saw my basket of yarn that I had put away, I pulled it out and I'm going to try again.
It was bulky yarn with a "quick and easy pattern", so they say.
Things started out pretty good.  I have a couple books that demonstrate stitches that are super confusing, so I went to YouTube!  Much better.

Here's the picture of this warm winter cowl on the package that the yarn came in: 

I was using the wrong stitch to begin with but it started to look better when I changed.
See, it looks like it's coming along good, right!

Well, I should've stopped about 3 inches below that because it's only supposed to be 8 1/2 inches wide.
However, I had all this yarn left so I kept going.

One thing though . . . . I noticed it was getting narrower  so I decided to add stitches.  I really don't know for sure how to do that but I faked it and it certainly did!

 Now I had what looks like a little skirt!!!  Maybe for Rocky my dog!

I slipped it on and it goes down over my shoulders!
Well, I thought, this may be nice and warm in below zero temps!
You see, I have a real aversion to ripping things out  : ))

See, under my coat, you'd never know!!!!!!!!!!!

It's very warm!!!!!!!!


I need some advice from crocheters!!


  1. Shirley,
    I think you did a great job! It will keep you warm for sure. Since I was a teen (oh, just a few short years ago ;) ) I have known 2 stitches, the double and the single. About 15 years back I made a huge afghan for lounging around using only the double. My edges were wavy and pretty uneven, but everybody loved it and I still use it today. I really wanted to make a granny afghan but I could never get a circle started. This year I was bound and determined, so I went on Youtube and learned how to do it. It is in the colors of Cath Kidson and I love it! Now I am working on a traditional granny for my daughter. Just keep plugging away. You are right, it is so cozy to sit and do that in the cold weather.
    There are also tons of links on Pinterest. I can’t help you with the stitches because I am too new myself, but I can encourage you to keep on stitchin!

  2. Shirley,

    You did good. There could be 2 reasons that it got smaller - you either missed a few stitches (which is easy to do when you're first starting out) or your stitching got tighter, the longer you crocheted (another problem for beginners).

    I learned a few years ago how to crochet (I'm in my 60's) and it didn't take long before I was crocheting lickety-split! I learned from Teresa on YOUTUBE - she covers EVERYTHING and if you're having problems, she will even answer questions!! Here's her FB - ( and her YOUTUBE channel - (

    Hope this all helps!

    Happy New Year!
    Jan ♥

  3. Oh that looks very cozy! :) I love the colour too! Great job! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year my dear!



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