Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Kitchen Organization!

I didn't take before pictures but as all counters and islands do, they become cluttered with "stuff".  
You know, "any flat surface!"
It was becoming distracting and confusing to do any baking because that alone sort of makes a mess.  
At least when I do it!
So I cleared off my island and my window seat.

I took my daybook and calendars off the island and made this sit-down area here on my window seat.  It's working out really well.

I even got my crock pot off the island and put it up here in my cupboard.  It's still handy to get down to use it.

I cleared off my other counters too.

And put my blender away since I don't use it all that much.  I was making more smoothies in the summer.
I totally feel more organized now!


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