Friday, December 7, 2012

A Four Egg Day!

Today started out lovely!
I fed the dogs, then the barn cats, and then me.
I had scrambled eggs and waffles.
I went out to change the chicken's water and looked in the nesting boxes.
  This is what I found.  Aren't they beautiful!
This was my first 4 egg day!


  1. Wow. I have never seen colored eggs like this before and I didn't even know you could get colored eggs like that. I have only ever seen white and brown eggs. Interesting.

  2. Your eggs are beautiful! Congratulations and thanks for stopping by! Lisa/

  3. Shirley you need to tell those hens that it is Christmas time not Easter. How beautiful. Pre-colored egges.

  4. I love all those eggs...they are gorgeous!!! Shirley, I just have to tell you that I dug out your recipe for those Toffee Bars...they were such a hit last year, they are now part of the "list"...:)JP


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