Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Placemat Pillow

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I saw this idea on line somewhere at least a couple years ago.  I found some placemats at that time and just now decided to try it.  Nothing like rushing right to it!!!

The placemats must have a sewn on back.

You have to take a small scissors or a seam ripper to open a part of one end to put the stuffing in.

I may open this one again and put some more stuffing in it.  It looks a little wimpy.
I've seen a lot of cute holiday placemats that would make super cute pillows.
It would make a nice gift too.
If only I had thought to do it a little sooner!
Maybe next year!!


  1. That pillow turned out very nicely and oh, so easy. I like it.

  2. Beautiful pillow,
    love the fabric you used.


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