Monday, December 3, 2012

My Love of Chickens! (And all things great and small!)

Here Chick, Chick, Chick  . . .

Everyone thought I was nuts when I kept talking about getting some chickens.  Just a few laying hens.  I kept reading about "chicken owners" that couldn't stop talking about their love for their chickens!
I had a friend of mine build my coop in the corner of the garage.
And last spring I ordered my little chicks. 
 Six of them.
Well one succumbed at about 3 weeks but my other five are now 28 weeks old and healthy, have names and definite personalities and they are finally laying me some great, fresh, delicious eggs!
(That is everyone but maybe my one silver-laced wyandotte, Dottie, but I'm sure she'll be getting the idea soon.)

Yesterday I had a two-fer in one nest.  Two green/blue eggs, so pretty. 
They are from my two Easter-Eggers, Lily and Eggo.
I'm telling you it's like a treasure hunt every time you open the nesting boxes!

This is Lily and Eggo.  They have puffy cheeks and Lily's face is always dirty!
They lay the colored eggs.

This is Dottie.
Now this morning I found a slightly smaller brown egg with speckles that looks different than the Buff Orpington's eggs so maybe she has finally started to give me some eggs!

Here they are in their extend-a-run that I put up so they have some different places to go until I get the chicken tractor built.  The two golden colored chickens are Martha and Molly and they were the first to start laying a couple weeks ago.

I think you all should get some chickens!!!

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  1. Those are some beautiful eggs! I am a chicken addict so I totally understand your love for them. They really do have individual personalities!

    Dottie is an absolute beauty! Such gorgeous feathers.

  2. Since I was a country girl all my life, I loved your chickens. We had them and gave them names. Nearly killed us when one died.

  3. Your hens are so special because of the colored eggs they produce. We don't have these kind of chicken, but just those native ones laying the usual brown eggs. Ours are free ranged in our property in the province, and everytime i go home I bring back a few eggs to the city. They are really more delicious than those we get from the supermarket.

  4. Oh my gosh I want a chicken so bad! Problem is, i live in an apartment! O.O not a good isea with 2 dogs. :P But your girls are lovely! :D


  5. A delightful post - love your coloured chickens and pleased they are rewarding your care and attention.

  6. Your love of them and the wonderful photography does tend to have one 'wanting chickens' ~ think my dog might have lots to say about them even if she is little ~ ^_^ ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  7. Love the chickens. Awesome eggs...they taste so much better. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your chickens, Shirley. I grew up with chickens and my husband and I even had 100 hens once and he sold eggs on the Navy base where he was stationed. Yep, chickens are fun.

  9. I love your chicken pictures and your chicken's personalities. Lovely.


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