Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Funky Little Dishcloth!

What has possessed me to try to learn to crochet?? Well, I do know, it's Suzanne's blog: It's called "Chicken's In The Road" and I read it everyday! She's like a very educated, wonderful writer, pioneer woman! Anyway, she's very, very INSPIRING. I'm going to bake real bread (with yeast and everything), make candles, make soap, learn to can, build a chicken coop and have chickens, make custard pie with all the eggs I'll have, raise goats, make cheese, raise sheep, learn to spin and oh yes, learn to crochet! (I already know how to knit.)
Well, I am starting with the learn to crochet part! It's not going as well as I thought. Everyone says it's easier to crochet than knit but I'm not finding this to be true! I don't understand the instructions even having gotten a "how to crochet" book for beginners. (with pictures) I finally went on YouTube and that helped a little. I'm a visual person! My first project is this little 9 inch square (supposedly) dishcloth with cotton yarn. Now, I cast on 40 stitches but after that first row I had no idea how many I had! (With knitting it's much easier to count. They are staring at you right on the needle!)
As you can see here, my little dishcloth looks like it got pregnant about a third of the way up the left side. Or maybe it's a goiter!!! I was up to at least 50 stitches, or whatever you call them. I fooled around till they started to decrease and go back to the normal size.

There's other funky stitches in there too. However, I hate to rip-out so there they are. After all it's for myself and it's a DISHRAG!!!!

I think this is the wrong side, if there is such a thing, but I learned to do this little ruffle on YouTube and it made it look a little better. (Why doesn't that row on the right match the others???)

Ruffles hide a lot I guess! I'm glad I learned that stitch!


  1. Pretty much all my attempts at sewing, crocheting and knitting could have been used as dishrags. Sadly I fail at those crafts and so stick to the ones I do well at.
    I look forward to seeing this dishrag proudly displayed in your new kitchen.

  2. Hey that is pretty cute! I like the Chickens in the Road blog - feels kind of like MY life!!! And - I have tons of eggs!

  3. You're way ahead of me, as I don't crochet at all! I enjoy your blog, and I have something for you at my blog, so please stop by!

  4. Thanks for the chuckles! It was so much fun reading this. I learned to crochet some years ago, but never got very far with it. And knitting was out of the question.So I stuck with counted cross stitch. I just came by from Laurie's and had to comment!

  5. I think the final product is pretty! I love this color of yellow! Nice Job!!


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