Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitchen Renovation Has Started!

This is what my old kitchen looked like last night. All cleaned out and naked.

Today the tear-out started!

This is where the island used to be.

Everything is all gone but the lonely refrigerator. It's being replaced too, but for now it is holding food!! Probably tomorrow it'll have to be moved into the family room. Tomorrow will be an even messier day as they are tearing down the old drywall over old plaster and tearing out at least part of the ceiling.

This is where the soffit came down. You an see 3 layers of different wallpapers and the original ceiling was papered.

Here is a little aside!! When the contractor took off the panel of the breaker box, he found a stash that the mice have made!! Lucky for them they didn't decide to chew on the wires!
There were so many bad mistakes made with the old wiring of this kitchen that the contractor is rewiring the entire kitchen including 220 lines. I've been really blessed that there's been no electrical fires! God has been watching out for me.
Stay tuned as the renovation continues.


  1. I am very excited for you, as I remember our kitchen remodel a few years ago, and I was SO glad when it was done. We are always redoing some room in our old house, but I wouldn't trade it for a new one unless it looked old! I look forward to seeing the progress!

  2. How exciting....and how cool to "discover" all that old wallpaper!!

  3. How exciting. When we moved into our house 7 years ago we tore apart the kitchen and remodeled it ourselves. I had to wash the dishes in the bathroom for 3 months until it was completed. Made me really appreciate it when it was done. Thanks for the pictures. It's fun watching the progress.

  4. It is pretty neat to see the old wallpaper, but not so much the stash from the mice. Yikes! God has definitly had His hand on you :)

  5. Very exciting!

    So glad you are getting things like the wiring fixed. That's even beyond exciting. All the way to safety.


  6. You must be so excited ... a completely new kitchen. That sounds amazing.


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