Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on Kitchen Reno

I'm joining this Show and tell party of Cindy's a little late but hope you all will find me! Look here for all the other participants.

Update On My Kitchen Renovation.

OK, today is 3 days into the renovation. This was a very messy, dusty day. I can't believe how much they've done in 3 days, my contractor and his apprentice.
Here they are cutting holes in ceiling for the canned lighting. Plywood goes over the ceiling then my tin ceiling. That all has to be cut too.

This is above where counter, stove and sink will be. They'll also be under counter lights. This kitchen is going to be very well lit!!

The door to my kitchen porch. I guess I should take down my Christmas wreaths!!

Down to the studs.

This is from when 2X4's were really that!! And look at the 4X4 posts!

Doorway to dining room. It's small and there's room to make it bigger plus there's no header!!

He insulated the outside wall. Exciting right : )) It wasn't before! No wonder my kitchen was so cold.

The drywall goes up on Monday.

Garage full of old cabinets and stuff.

I wonder how much the garbage man will take!!!!!!!!!
Am I stressed yet? Yes! (So I took myself out to eat tonight : ))


  1. They are sure moving fast. At this rate you won't be out of your kitchen for long.

  2. No insulation in your outside walls. Oh Shirley. Look at the money this reno is saving you all ready.

  3. Great to have pictures, of the whole process.


  4. OMgodness I can't wait to see the after!!~ I would take me out to eat everynight!!~


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