Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hit But Not Down!

I trudged out to get the mail this afternoon and saw that the snow plow had (again) hit my mailbox! However it's still standing; it's just sort of facing the wrong way. I still feel good though, almost like I won this round!!! He did get my blue container that the mailman puts packages in. That's down in the ditch!

Happy winter everyone!!


  1. Looks just about like what we got here - - - maybe you got just a little bit more. I hear the next batch is on its way on Tuesday.

  2. Oh gosh, that would make me furious. We have community mailboxes every few blocks where we each have a locked compartment. Any time you get a package you will get a key on chain to open one of the larger boxes. Then you put that key on a chain back into the mail slot and they pick it up for the next time.
    If the plow hit those they would be in big trouble as they belong to the post office which is federal property, plus they are up on the boulevards.


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