Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitchen Progress, 2nd Week

This was about 8:30 this morning. The poor carpenter's apprentice carried all this stuff out to the road because today was garbage pickup. As I was taking pictures of the beautiful hoar frost on all the trees, I decided to write this on the big piece of drywall out there. Who knows, someone could use them in their garage! No one has stopped as yet.

This all was awaiting the garbage truck! I really didn't think they'd take it all. The big truck came about noon. I mean a really huge garbage truck with a front-end loader and the ONE guy got out and loaded all this! See that stove at the end? He picked that up like it was nothin' and flung it into the front-loader! What a guy!!!!!!!
He left my sign out there : )) I'm sure he'd like if someone came and got those cabinets from the garage too!! Because he'll be loading them next week if no one wants them!!!!!!

Today in the kitchen they got about half the drywall up and pulled all the wiring through that is needed. Tomorrow, I guess they are finishing the drywall, taping and doing all that mud stuff you have to do with drywall. My cabinets are being delivered on Friday!!!
Ellie, the cat, looks like she's about to climb the ladder.
Have a good day.


  1. Oh Shirley cats just have to get in the middle of things don't they. Make sure she doesn't get closed up in the walls behind the drywall.

  2. Once hubby put an old toiler in our front yard with a "free" sign on it. It sat out there for months - - - I was totally embarrassed.

    One day someone called who was trying to find our house - - - as I was talking on the phone, I was looking out the window at that old toilet and told them, "You can't miss us - - - just turn in at the toilet!"

    A LONG time passed before she got there - - - when she came to the door, she said, "I couldn't find your house 'cause there's NO TOILET out there."

    I looked at her like she was crazy,

    Then I looked out - - - and what do you know, that toilet was GONE.

  3. What a funny story!! Looks like things are really moving quickly on the kitchen makeover. I can't wait to see your new cabinets and all the other finishing touches.

  4. Wow - how exciting! Can't wait to see the finished results!


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