Sunday, February 28, 2010


Knobs & Pulls
I can now open all my cupboards and drawers! They all got put on on Friday. Tomorrow, (Monday), hopefully the crown molding and maybe the flooring Tuesday??

My Gigantic Silverware Holder!
Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you but for the last 14 years I have not had a big enough drawer for a silverware holder! My everyday knives, forks and spoons had to be just thrown into a small drawer all mixed up together.
Well, look at this baby! It's huge and expandable! You can even put your utensils in there so everything is in the same place.
I know, you're not really that excited!

Well, I'm just showing you. I have to take it back out now because I can't put anything in the lower cabinets till after the countertops are installed!
Patience Shirley! Right now you just have to be thankful using your cardboard countertop!
Have a nice Monday everyone : ))


  1. Oh how I remember using cardboard until my countertops were installed. It's so exciting isn't it? You keep imagining how wonderful it will be when it's completed. I also think it's great that you will have all your silverware organized in one place. Good for you girl!!

  2. Hello Shirley...

    My friend, I know that you must be soooo excited right now! You're coming down to the end of things! I have to tell you that I just adore that gorgeous wall color that you looks fabulous with the white!!! It's a color that I would have picked as well...sooo very pretty!!! Ohhh...I am loving all of your brand spankin' new stainless appliances and now your pretty silver drawer pulls and hardware...perfect, my friend! I'm just so excited for you! Well hopefully those countertops will be coming soon! Can't wait to see it all put together! I love, love, LOVE your pretty tin ceiling too! Are you planning on keeping it white? It's gorgeous!!! I'm so glad that you are updating us on your kitchen's been an interesting adventure! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous kitchen with us, Shirley!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. What a nice drawer!!! BIG - the way I like it! I just posted about our kitchen - hubby is re-doing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. THe previous owners put in all different style doors themselves, and nothing fits right - gaps between the cabinets themselves - and some doors would not open correctly, leaving you only about 4 inches of space to get things out of a cupboard! Ridiculous! We had to remove a few doors to be able to function the past few years, and finally - he's got time and energy to build us some matching doors! I'm very excited, but will be glad when this is all completed!!!

  4. You will probably spend a while wandering through and opening and closing cupboards and drawers. Such fun. Enjoy it.


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