Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting Close! Kitchen

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Crown Molding, Light and Flooring
The crown molding went up on Monday. It makes it look a lot more finished now.

The molding that my contractor got for the walls and the cabinet molding were just different enough that they couldn't fit together, so Ray my contractor, (being he used to be a cabinet maker), made these wonderful corner pieces to join the moldings to. Aren't they the cutest things!

The top molding to my refrigerator cabinet.
Still no doors on the fridge yet.

Look how cute the window looks now with those little accent corner pieces. I just love them!!!!

My island lighting fixture came today and they put it right up. I like it. Nice and plain.
Doesn't everyone have a chop saw in their kitchen!!
Counters are due to arrive next week : ))

Today they installed half of the flooring. They'll finish that tomorrow!!
Ohhhhh, it's getting close : ))
Then it's on to the dining room!


  1. Oh wow, this is looking really nice. I LOVE those ceiling tiles.

  2. Shirley -

    It is really looking great! I love all your choices, but that ceiling ...... it is so wonderful I just want to reach out and touch it!


  3. Oh you just must be beside yourself! This is just beautiful (even the mistakes are beautiful!)

  4. I love it too. I especially love the sink. Those big sinks at so practical. The whole kitchen is really beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous...I know that you are so excited. Love all the details and can't wait to see the finished product.

  6. Dearest Shirley,
    You are an inspiration to me.
    Your kitchen is coming together nicely and your past pics tell the story of how it has come together.
    I was needing a boost about remodeling and I got it here today!
    Love your kitchen.
    So happy for you and can't wait til mine is completed. The waiting is difficult for me at times.
    d from homehaven

  7. Oh Shirley this is going to be gorgeous! I love the ceiling, very cool!!~

  8. hi shirley,

    my what a beautiful kitchen you have. I would be very happy just to be in the kitchen and the plaster ceiling too looks so gorgeous. thanks for sharing.

  9. Your kitchen is going to be so fabulous. Those corner pieces make it not only match, but adds a nice architectural quality. The ceiling tiles are beautiful.

  10. Oh, a most lovely kitchen! You may have noticed in my profile... white is my favorite color!

  11. Oh yeah, this is just stunning!! LOVE the ceiling! And the crown and corner pieces just set it off beautifully!!

    LOVE IT!

    Lou Cinda :)

  12. A dream kitchen! Everything is beautiful! I love, love, love the scene out the window...it's breathtaking! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! -April

  13. Shirley, looks just wonderful! I love the window seat especially.


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