Friday, March 19, 2010

Foodie Friday - Beer Bread

I'm a little late getting this on this morning but I wanted to put this recipe on that I just learned about! Stop in Designs By Gollum to see the other good things at:

Beer Bread

Probably everybody or a good number of you have heard of or made beer bread. Me, not being much of a cook, never knew of such a thing. I read about it on one of most favorite blogs "Chickens in the Road" at:
I am living my farm life vicariously through her!!
Anyway here it is.

It has two ingredients!
That means, even I can't mess this one up!! (And I can even remember the recipe my heart!)

3 cups of Bisquick
1 (12oz) bottle of beer
That's it! Any kind of beer, doesn't matter.

Mix together in a bowl till dry ingredient is moistened and pour into a sprayed bread pan. It's all bubbly and magical!
Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

This is what you get : ))
It is a cake type bread, not a yeast type bread.

You can just barely taste a beer flavor. But with jelly on it, you can't taste that at all. You can add anything to this for different flavors like Parmesan or Romano cheeses or different herbs, like basil, oregano, maybe some garlic and onion powders. You can get really creative without messing up this recipe!!

My first try was with butter and jelly.

Really good!
Last night I used it like shortcake and put strawberries, cream and whipped cream on top. Delicious!!!!
Hope you'll try it.


  1. I tried that recipe before - pretty darned good!

  2. Now I believe I can manage this one! It looks wonderful and I have never made it either. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. I will have to try this. Glad to see you are enjoying your new kitchen! Keep the good recipes coming!

  4. It doesn't matter what the recipe is anymore is all about the gorgeous kitchen you are cooking in. You could feed me anything in there and I would be smiling.

  5. That is a beautiful loaf of bread. I don't have as much luck with bread.
    Win Rachael Ray bake ware at my blog.

  6. Can you believe I have never tasted beer bread? I will definitely give this recipe a try.

  7. We have leftover Guinness--I was worried it would be in the fridge until next St. Paddy's. I'm so glad you posted this recipe.


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