Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bumpy Ride

I spent the day at the barn today. I haven't been riding much this winter but since it's starting to get warmer now, I decided I'd better start riding these guys. Starting with Preacher because he's my 18 year old dependable gelding. Well today it wasn't a real pleasant ride because it seems anything I wanted to do, Preacher wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to walk, he wanted to canter, I wanted to canter, he wanted to trot, I wanted to jog, he wanted to trot fast. Just one of those days. Looks like I need to do some ground work and get back some respect!!!
Also that darn hay wagon is still in the arena and is really distracting to a chow hound like Preacher!


  1. Preacher is such a pretty guy. I think he has spring fever. How is that kitchen coming along? Should be pretty close to done now? Maybe I missed your entry, I was offline a few days. I'll check for myself. LOL

  2. A hay wagon in the riding arena! YIKES - I can imagine what a pain that must be!!

  3. A horse is a horse, of course! Hay Wagon = EATS!


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