Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, This House!

Rocky says . . . .

My whole house is a mess!
I can only find two of my toys . . .

My food bowl keeps moving around . . .

Mommy can't find the phone and it rings and rings and rings . . . .

There's some sort of big thing on my sleeping chair . . . .

I think my 3rd ball is rolled up in the rug . . .

And there's this REALLY tall human walking around in my house!!!!!!!!!!!
Could someone help me??????


  1. Oh, poor Rocky :o(
    It won't be too long before everything is spick and span. You'll have a wonderful time looking round for all the new places to keep your toys, and your chair will soon be ready for you to snuggle down on too. (Don't tell, but I bet Mommy is feeling a little stressed too....)

  2. What a cute post. Poor Rocky, he must be so confused. Something else for us to look forward to seeing.

  3. Poor Rocky!!! I think you should refuse to bring in the paper until they get your life straightened back out!


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