Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tearing out the Dining Room!

That was quick!!
Here was my dining room last Friday.

And here it is today!

Down comes the horrible tiled ceiling.

There's a trap door in the ceiling!

We looked up there but it was very clean. We had a whole roof tear-off and new roof done about 6 years ago.
Notice that the ceiling was once wall papered.

These are old cut square head nails. There were hundreds of them holding up all the lathe.
I think tomorrow is insulation, moving electrical and maybe starting the drywall.
This will go so much faster than my kitchen.
My big decision that I have left is to pick a color for the walls that will be above white wainscoting.
If I'm brave it will be a deep red.
We'll see!!!!


  1. I really enjoyed your kitchen remodel --- looking foward to seeing what you do in the dining room -- I know this must be so exciting!

  2. i liked the way your walls used to look although that ceiling would have driven me crazy too. i'm off to check out your finished kitchen. somehow or other i missed it.

  3. Girl!! You are a glutton for remodeling punishment!!!!

    I cannot BELIEVE you are into another HUGE project so soon after your kitchen was finished!

  4. I've only found and joined your blog this week but already I'm hooked! I see you've already been through some major works before - so you know what you're in for....the end is always worth the chaos though. I look forward to seeing the end result - though I'm sure it will be great :o)

  5. How cool to discover old pieces of history about your home!

  6. You must be so happy to get rid of that dropped ceiling. Those square cut nails are a treasure! I painted my dining room Ralph Lauren's "Balmoral Red" about 10 years ago. The wainscoting below is white. I have never regretted this decision. The room is warm and inviting and several of our neighbors have used the same red in their own homes. All of our homes are about 100 years and older in our neighborhood. It's only paint and if you decide you don't like it, it is easily changed. Seeing your work so far, my guess is that you will like the red.

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Thanks for coming by my blog Shirley! I think you should stay in your bubble and enjoy it (read your profile). I love the square head nails and I can't wait to see what you do with the dining room!


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