Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday 4/1

Hi everyone! I'm joining in on "Vintage Thingies Thursday" over at "Colorado Lady". Visit her blog and see the other vintage things that people want to share.

The first thing I'm sharing is my father's pocket watch. He carried this to work with him. It is not in working condition but I'm sure if I could find a watch maker in this day and age . . . I could probably have it fixed. I feel blessed to have it.

This magnetic thermometer was my dad's too. I had it on the wall in my old kitchen. It is packed away in some boxes still in the basement. I'm slowly bringing things back up to my renovated kitchen. I'm not sure of the age. At least 60 years.

These next few photos are of part of my brown transfer ware. Most I got from my Aunt's estate. This particular pattern (and a couple other's below) are by T&R Boote, England (Lahor) 1888.

The teapot on the left in back is JG and Sons (Chrysanthemum)
The taller teapot on the right is Johnson Bros. England (Sylvan)

I love brown transfer ware. It always makes a beautiful table.
Have a good Thursday everyone. It going to be in the 70's here and sunny. Yippee!!!!!!!


  1. Your transferware is gorgeous and yes it makes a gorgeous setting. How great for you to have your Fathers pocketwatch...there's something about pocketwatches that make them so me anyway :) My youngest son collects them....because his Grandfater always carried one ;)
    The thermometer is really neat too!
    There's something that makes you feel so good surrounded by things from your family. I'm painting and redecorating my living room this summer and can't wait to rearrange and bring more of my parents things out!!
    Whew! sorry I got kinda long winded there! LOL

  2. I understand completely the comforting feeling of owning and handling precious family pieces. The monetary value is of no consequence, it the feelings and memories that matter.
    I love your brown transfer ware too, even though I live in Staffordshire (UK) brown transfer ware is not common here, so a delight to see your collection.

  3. Your transfer ware makes me smile. Beautiful!

  4. Your watch looks really impressive in the closeup. There may be reliable watch repairers on the internet if you search. I found a camera repair place that way.

  5. You have many wonderful vintage things today! Love the pocket watch and 'magnetic' thermometer. Hmm. no mercury here. :-)

  6. Your vintage things are so beautiful. I love the transfer ware. My hubby has a similar watch that belonged to his grandfather. Happy VTT!


  7. I love brown transferware, it's so beautiful. I really love anything handed down to generations, makes it so special.

  8. Love the dinnerware - a lovely pattern! I have an old pocket watch - 2 years ago a jeweler quoted me a price on cleaning and repair - $500! I passed - it is beautiful as it is, and I can use the money for other things right now!

  9. What a lovely thing to have your dad's pocket watch. And the magnetic thermometer is so cool. Beautiful transferware. Enjoyed seeing all of these vintage things today.

  10. I'm so happy for you that you have these wonderful things of your fathers...such wonderful and lovely treasures. I love your's simply gorgeous and it makes for such a pretty table. Happy VTT..have a fantastic weekend.

  11. Having family pieces is very important to one's soul. I really enjoyed looking at your transferware. Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a great family treasure you have with your watch, and your transfer ware is just gorgeous. I don't see to much of that around here, but I wish I did! Have a great VTT!

  13. I love your transferware. Such a lovely pattern.
    Oh how wonderful to have your father's pocket watch. I don't think many men carry them as much in todays world. It certainly is a treasure!
    Happy Easter,

  14. So nice that you were able to be the recipient of these treasures. Really nice for today's VTT,

  15. I've never seen brown transferware. It IS beautiful. And you have a lovely collection. Also such wonderful reminders from your dad.

  16. How wonderful for you to have your father's watch and clock. I am sure that they are very precious and treasured items. Your brown transferware is lovely. This is a very nice post. Bentley and I wish you a blessed Easter!!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. I love hearing stories about items being passed down and cherished in families. Your transferware is really beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen it in brown. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. Your brown tranferware is wonderful! How nice that you inherited the pieces - That makes them priceless.

  19. Gorgeous treasures! Happy Easter - I'll be playing along at VTT starting next week ... see you then ;)

  20. Such incredible treasures! Love the transferware. It's exceptional.

    - The Tablescaper


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