Wednesday, March 10, 2010


These are pictures of my two slabs of soapstone that were sent from Illinois. "Euro Marble and Granite" is a distributor of Dorado Soapstone. You can read about soapstone and see their sight here:
The reason I wanted soapstone is that it is more in keeping with the age of the house. No kitchens had granite back in that era.
Soapstone is impervious to everything! It is what the stone countertops in chemistry labs are.

The first 2 photos are the slabs in the natural. It is a gray color. After it is installed it will be oiled simply with mineral oil and that is what gives it the beautiful black color.
(Sorry about the photo quality)

In these last 2 photos they have just wet the slabs with water to show me the black color and the veining. The oil will make it blacker than the water.

They have been delivered to the fabricator/installer here and are due to be installed in my kitchen TOMORROW, if everything goes right!!! I won't even tell you how much shipping was to get these slabs here! It was hard to come by but after a while it was a challenge and I wouldn't settle for granite! I'm a little stubborn that way! It takes me forever to make up my mind about something but when I do . . . that's it!
I promise to take pictures of the installation!
My stone guy here is named Atilla!!!!


  1. Atilla is going to be your new best friend. You will love the finished product I am so sure. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Your pictures are just fine. We can really see the veining.

  2. How cool!!! Will be watching for the great reveal!

  3. What a great look it has. Great choice.

  4. Good for you, Shirley. Soapstone is the ultimate. Between the counters and the ceiling, you'll be "back in time" whenever you're in your brand new kitchen!

  5. I had absolute black granite counter tops installed in the kitchen of my vintage home (1913) several years back. I would have preferred soapstone, but there were no dealers in my area at the time. I think that soapstone has a charm and patina that are just perfect for a vintage style kitchen. You made an excellent choice and I am anxious to see the results! Atilla huh? What name could possibly more appropriate??

    Susan and Bentley


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