Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Quilt Find and Tea

New Quilt Find
I've been searching for some pretty tea pots lately and went into a little antique store I frequent.
I didn't find a tea pot but found this pretty quilt with tea pots on it!!!
It isn't an old quilt but I thought it was unique and was a fabulous price.  (under $20!!!)
It has a couple little problems but still a good buy.
What do you think?

Here's the problem.  I have tried everything to remove this mark.  (Shout, Oxy-clean,Peroxide)
It looks like highlighter marker or maybe paint!
Does anyone have any ideas???
It's right near the top so I can turn it down to hide it.  (Or put some pillows over it.)
It may look cute as a table cover too!

Tea Today In The Dining Room

Have a nice week everyone and stay warm.  Brutal temps coming here. 
I'll be making a fire in my fireplace.



  1. She's sure a beauty. Love the teapots. Don't have any help on the stain, but glad you can hide it.

  2. SHirley, the quilt is great...really pretty and looks wonderful! But I got so tickled to see those cookies on the plate...they sure look like the Ginger Crinkles I ate last night!!!...:)JP


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