Sunday, June 16, 2013

My New Little Barnyard

Everyday when I'd let my chickens out of their coop into their little run, I wished they had more space.  I extended the little run a couple times but it was still not big enough.  They seemed happy but I dreamed of letting them free range.  If I had a bigger farm, I'd do that but my place is one square acre and surrounded by a golf course.  I know if they were free, no matter how much I'd "tell" them not to go scratch on the green, thats exactly where they'd end up.  That would not make the golf course people very happy!!!!
So, I did the next best thing.
I sent for some poultry net fencing.
164 feet of it.
I made them a nice sized area in my backyard.  There's been no fertilizer or weed killer put on back there in a year because I knew eventually, that's where they'd be!

I got the fencing from Premier fencing and it shipped free.  The whole thing rolled up weighs less than 30 lbs.  There's a video on their sight that shows you exactly how to put it up.  You really just have to roll it out.  The posts are already attached.
Well, my sister was here to help and it didn't exactly go the same as the video which I had watched about 5 times!  In fact we should've taken our own video, it was pretty funny.
But it was all up in less than half and hour and is easily movable and I hope easy to roll back up!!!
My hens seem to love it.  I only put them out there when I'm around as I'm paranoid about hawks and of  course there's the barn cats!  They seemed a little too interested the first day.  I don't know exactly how that would go if they'd get in there.  The hens are bigger than them!
I can electrify this fence but I haven't yet.  A solar battery is over $300!!  We'll see.

If I sit in there with them, they want to be on my lap!  (I'm the mother hen you know  : ))

A very relaxing afternoon with my girls.

Do any of you have this fencing?


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