Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome Summer!! Finally!

I went to lunch with my friend Pam today.  Good BarBQ at Bullies and lots of great girl talk.
Then on to Buehlers, my favorite grocery store.  Not the big one, I go to the smaller one in town.  I don't like the huge grocery stores.  They wear me out because I'm so unorganized I always have to go back after things I forgot and it's a mile to the other side of the store!!
When I got home, I did some wash then sat out with my chickens.  To me, that is sooooo relaxing!
Call me crazy, you non-chicken people!

Hello Dottie!

This is Pepsi, the friendliest of the barn cats.

Momma-cat (Angel) is a little more shy and keeps her distance.
She's Pepsi's mother.

I guess I removed their dinner bowls too early, they came up on the deck to finish the little bit that was left.  (Thats my last egg of the day I had just collected.)

My tiny garden is growing like crazy.

There's four eggs in my blue bird house.

In celebration of the first day of summer, I made myself a strawberry sunday, complete with whipped cream.


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  1. Shirley, I am always delighted by the posts about your chickens. They are such interesting creatures and they are so good to go to bed at night and not disturb you! Say, like a dog barking or a cat wandering around the house. Yep, chickens are the best pets.


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