Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chickens are Chicken

It's been so wet here with all the rain, that the run that comes directly out from the coop is soggy.  It's a cement slab that I had put sand on then covered it with straw.  I change the straw every month or so but this time it's all gotten so wet.
It started having an odor last month and it was the sand that was the culprit.  I'll never put sand down again.  After shoveling all that sand into the run last Sept., I've shoveled about half of it out.  I probably used the wrong kind of sand, but I had this construction sand left over so that's what went in there.  It's awful and was back breaking to shovel it out because it's wet and HEAVY!  I still have half to do yet!!!!
Today while I had the chickens out in my yard, I took half the wet straw out and replaced it with a bale of wood shavings.  I'm testing to see how that works.
Well, when I went to let the chickens back in the run, they were afraid to go in because it looked different!!!
Honestly!!  I had to actually push them in.  Dottie was the last one and she actually ran across it to get onto the straw!!!!


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