Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flowers are Poppin'

Everything around here blooms at once at this time of year.  I suppose that's because I made my gardens in the early summer and planted what was blooming!!

I have a couple big bushes of these knock-out roses.  They are blooming like crazy.

As are my beautiful corral poppies

Here's the progress of my tiny vegetable garden.  It's only 4 X 8.  Next year I need at least 2 more of these raised beds built!

I marked Martha's tail with some Blu-Coat so I could tell her from Molly.  They look a lot alike!
I took the wire cage from the run but when they went in to roost tonight I think she is sleeping in the nesting box.  Not a good sign!  She better not be going broody AGAIN!!!  I just hope when I open the pop door in the morning, that all five come running out!

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  1. Those poppys are simply to die for, have never seen any that looked like that, the color is amazing and it is so full and looks so them

  2. I enjoyed visiting a farm lady at heart. I was born and raised in the country and my family farmed for a living.I would love to have a garden now, but where I live it would not do very well.

  3. Those poppys are pretty good what a wonderful colour, I love the dark centres, I have never seen any like them.


  4. Your poppies and roses are amazing. Love that white fence too.

  5. Your poppies are a showstopper! Lovely.


  6. I missed this post, how lovely your flowers are--I hope you're still enjoying them, and your summer is off to a good start!


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