Friday, June 21, 2013


This morning when I looked out of my kitchen window, I saw a bunch of red feathers on the ground.  One of the barn cats must have gotten a cardinal.  That made me sad, but I know that's what they do.  They have always survived in a barn and been out door hunters.  I just hate when they get baby birds or my cardinals!!
A little later, I was sitting in the family room when I heard a bird hit the window.  That happens from time to time because the feeders are back there and there's a big expanse of windows.  I saw the little yellow finch hit and fall onto the bushes underneath.
I went out and picked her up.  She was alive and hadn't broken her neck.  She just seemed dazed and sat in my hand.  Her feet weren't working quit right yet.
I stroked her and talked to her and she was looking at me.  She sat there for almost a half an hour.
She was getting stronger and more alert, then stood up and flew up onto a tree branch.
She seemed fine.
So one bird didn't survive, but one did.
I guess that's life.
(I'm bummed I didn't have a camera handy though!)


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  1. It always really bothers me when a bird hits my window. I think it relates back to the old superstition that it means someone will die. Apparently it was right...a cardinal died.


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