Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blue Bird Saga

I have a blue bird house that I set out in the early spring.  It usually always gets interested tenants.  I did have to clean out two sparrow nests earlier but then I recognized the blue bird nest.  They build a spiral, neat looking nest.
I saw them flying in and out, so about a week ago I checked it and felt 4 little eggs.  I didn't see them but they felt the right size.  
Today I decided to check again.  This time I felt something soft and one egg.
I stuck my iPhone in and took a quick picture.
It's kind of strange looking but maybe I've never seen birds this newly hatched. What do you think?

I watched for awhile from a distance and the blue birds are flying in and out so I guess that's a good sign.  
I'll check again an another week.

I just looked up some pictures on Google, of newly hatched blue birds and they look exactly like this so I guess everything is good!

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