Saturday, July 20, 2013

Slo-Mo Monk

I'd write more blogs and FB posts about Monk but he doesn't do too much but sleep and eat. 
(And he does both of those a LOT!)
Monk is about 10 years old, which is getting up there for a dog this size.
His back legs give out on him at times and he gets really tired easily.  He was heart worm positive when I adopted him two years ago and went through the grueling heart worm treatment.  I'm not sure how much damage is left from the worms to his heart and lungs.
He's very happy here with me and is the most gentle and loving dog you'd ever want to have.

Here is what he does best.
Oh yes . . . and shed!!!

He is a good watch dog when he's awake.  He'll bark and let me know if someone is around, however, if anyone comes up to him he gives them a big warm welcome!  They definitely aren't guard dogs!!
You can bury more than half of the length of your finger in that fur!!
: ))



  1. Moon and Copper are 9 and 10 respectively and although medium sized dogs, I see them slowing down especially in the heat we've been having. Every St Bernard I've ever met have been real luv muffins, Shirley...:)JP

  2. I melt every time you post about him. We had one 29 years ago but his back end got so bad we had to have him put down. Now he was quite a watch dog and didn't want to let anyone in.
    You forgot to mention the slobber....did I miss that part....we cleaned slobber off the ceilings on a regular basis lol.


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