Friday, July 26, 2013

Around the Homestead

Martha has hopefully recovered from her broodiness.
It took 3 partial days and 3 nights in the "timeout" cage!
She's on the roost with her other sisters tonight.

My son came to help me with something today and brought his young Weimaraner, Sofie, to visit.
My chickens where out in the yard in their net fence enclosure.  At first Sofie was a little afraid of those big birds but she quickly got over that and started to point!

She then started to run around the outside of the fencing, chasing my girls and getting them all excited.
At some point, which I didn't see, little Lily, my white easter egger, flew over the top and went to hid in the woods.
I didn't notice she wasn't with the group till after my son and Sofie left.
I couldn't find her anywhere!!
I was so upset!  My first lost chickie!
It took her 2 hours to come wandering back.  When she saw me she came running.
She had had a great adventure!
All turned out well and she ran back in with her sisters.
Now I know, (and she knows!) she can fly out over of the fence!!!
Oh, Oh.


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  1. Oh, Shirley, I knew when I saw the Weimaraner what was going to happen! Thank goodness the little white one made it home...she must have been terrified!!!!...:)JP


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