Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bees . . . Where Are You!

I have heard rumblings in the past few years about the diminishing bees and the problems that can become for gardening.  I, like many, didn't seem to have a problem with my little gardens and always seemed to have an abundance of bees around.  Pollinating here and pollinating there.
This year, even though, I only planted two zucchini plants, I usually have way too many zucchini for me and I have to fill my freezer with good ol' zucchini bread!
This year, I have gotten two measly squash off my plants!
I started watching my garden closer.  Was something coming and stealing just the zucchini??  No, I don't think so!  I have plenty of blossoms, but no zucchs.
The more I watched, the more I realized that I haven't seem very many bees this year at all!
Not like other years.
How sad.
I think this is all due to fertilizers and weed killers.
Last year I stopped any fertilizing and weed killing on the back half of my acre because of my chickens, but maybe next year I'll just due away with it all.
After all, this is the country.
Why do I need a perfect front yard?
I can always use chicken manure for fertilizer.  Heaven knows I have plenty of that!

My tomatoes, beans and peppers are growing good but it's the squash.  Some vegetables can self pollinate easier than others.  I think because of the big squash blossoms, maybe it's harder.
I may have to get out there with my little paint brush.  All I have to do is find out which is the male and the female blossom!

Here's my huge zucchini plants.  Blossoms are under there, but no squash!


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