Thursday, July 11, 2013

Misc. This N That

First I wanted to show you Monk, sitting in the chicken yard with me.  It was the first try and he was very good.  Dottie even came very close to say hello and Monk was, at the most, disinterested!!  That's good!  The problem is that I don't think he'd let me leave the fenced area without him.  He'd probably just mow down the fence netting!  He's such a baby!!!

My brother-in-law, Bob helped me put a plastic corrugated roof on the chicken run.

Of course, the very next day, (yesterday), we had a tremendous storm all afternoon as a front moved through.  It spurned some tonados and there's a lot of flooding.  So it wasn't a good test for the roof, as the torrents of rain just blew in all sides of the pen.  However, the roof didn't blow off!!

I was watching my two grandkids, so we went down to the basement when the sirens blew and stayed there for a couple hours!  We were fortunate not to lose power.  We had lunch, pigged out on some brownies that I had made a couple hours before, and told ghost stories!!  A big hit with kids and it got their minds off the loud storm above.

My daisies are still in good shape with their sunny little faces.

Here's my first meal with my own green beans and they are wonderful!!

So that's hello from my little square acre.
Have a wonderful day.

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  1. You should alway tell ghost stories in a thunderstorm, amazing the daisies were not knocked around.


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