Thursday, July 18, 2013

Laying Low On 90 Degree Days

I'm not a fan of below 20 degree days and bad roads in the winter but these 90 degree HUMID days are worse!
You're sort of trapped inside for them too.  At least I am anymore.
I go out to do my jobs with the chickens and barn cats etc, earlier in the day and then for only short periods of time.
These were today's small accomplishments.

This morning, early , I shoveled a path of stones over where it's always muddy.
That will be better.

I opened up a pathway between the chickens two runs.

I made a short wire chicken tunnel there.

They like it and run back and forth all the time!

I put some cold water in this container and gave them a weed and clover salad.  They are supposed to stand in it to cool off but so far they're just leaning over to get their snacks.
(Yesterday they had cold watermelon.)

I found this rack? in the back and thought it looked like a perfect roost!
So far they haven't gone near it.

I put some cold water in the kiddie pool for Monk, the St. Bernard, to stand in but so far he hasn't done that either!  He can't stand this heat and just wants to come back into the AC.

When it's hot, the chickens dig holes in the cool dirt and dust themselves or just lay in them.
Pepsi wonders why on earth they want to get themselves all dirty like that!

I think they were talking.

I also, of course, changed out the chicken's, cat's and dog's water and scooped the poop board in the coop.
Then I went shopping in the cool stores!
Now I just may watch a movie this afternoon.


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  1. Hot days and lazing around so nice then it get to hot and even lazing around is not so good all you want to do is sit in a cool bath. Chickens and dogs don't think the same way as we.


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