Saturday, July 27, 2013

Something I Never Thought I'd Say!

I'm raising meal worms!!!!

They arrived by mail today.  A box full of crawly little worms.
1000 of them!

I had my container ready like I read about on YouTube "University"
and opened the cardboard Priority Mail box.  Some had escaped from the bag inside and were crawling on the inside of the box.
I had my plastic container filled with an inch of oatmeal and dumped them all in.
I made sure I got every last one of them in there!!
Why am I doing this you ask??
It's because of the ridiculous cost of the freeze dried ones I've been buying for my chickens.
You see, the meal worms are like candy to chickens.  They will follow me anywhere for mealworms and they are an excellent source of protein for them.
Do they have to have them?
Of course not . . . . I just spoil my girls rotten!
This one jar of freeze dried worms costs $10.00!!!
And I was buying one or two a week!!
Not a smart way to go.

Now, don't freak out!
Here's my shipment of 1000 of them today.
It cost $18.00 including shipping and I will never have to buy them again.  
They multiply like crazy.
(One stage of heir evolution they turn into little darkling beetles!)
I'll deal with that in a week or so!
Any chicken people out there doing this???

I hope my sister will still come for visits!!!
Maybe I should put them in the basement instead of the craft room!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is too funny. Love the worms in the craft room.


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