Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is the Grass Greener Over There?

When my hens are out in their "free range" space in the yard, I usually sit out there and read.  They usually spend half of their time over by me,
They have a huge area in which to go scratch and peck and dig up stuff but they come by me.  (I'm really sitting out there to watch for hawks.)  I'd like to train Monk, my St Bernard to be in there with them and guard my chickens.  Maybe I'll start taking him in there on a lead.  He shows no interest in the chickens to this point.
The girls always try to get some grass from my side!!  "It's all the same girls'!!

This is dottie.  She's a silver-laced wyandotte.  So I named her Dottie.  My sister swears I named her after my mother, Dorothy who they called Dot.  Well, maybe     : ))



  1. Dottie is a perfect name for her and yes, the grass always appears greener know that!...:)JP

  2. I have a sister named Dot as well. I think the name suits both of them. I think monk would be a great hawk deterrent and most of all I would love to see a picture of him lying in the grass with a chicken perched on top of him. Lol.


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