Friday, January 2, 2015

First De-cluttering and I Found A Bag Of Money!!!

No kidding, I really did!!!
I spent longer than the 15 minutes, probably an hour but I cleared out
and straighten up my gift wrapping closet.
It's amazing how much gift wrap I have.  I won't have to buy any for a long time!!
Here's before:

Under that mess, I found this!
A heavy canvas bag from the U.S. Mint!!
More about that in a minute.

Here's all the wrapping paper that was useful.
I threw away a lot that was wrinkled and loads of tissue and old cards.

So this is how neat my closet looks now.

OK, back to the MONEY!!
I sort of remember my husband finding it in his parents house in FL when we were clearing it out years ago, after they passed.  They had hidden a lot of money in strange places.
My husband must have put this bag in this little closet and it got covered up with all this stuff!!
He probably meant to go through the coins as there are a lot of old ones.

This note was in the bag.  I wonder what the X5 meant!!!!

Well, I can only hope my de-cluttering is this fruitful in the future!
Certainly helps to spur me on!!



  1. Your closet looks great! I have Christmas wrapping paper that I bought 23 years ago when we first married so I resolved not to buy any new paper this year. We used up as much of the paper I've accumulated over the years. Now I can buy some new wrapping paper next year or this year if I find something I like on clearance. So far I haven't found anything I want. That is so neat that you found all of those old coins.

  2. I thought I had a bunch of wrapping paper as usual since I had giant rolls in years past. Apparently not!!! Nice to find out a couple days before Christmas.
    How exciting to find a bag of money!!! Not bad pay for a bit of work.

  3. Looks great!! I need to do the same to several of my closets!! Just a note any quarters minted before 1964 have a 90% silver content! What a nice find!!!! I have fun looking at any quarters I get but never have found one dated before 1964!! Pixie

  4. I sorted my gift wrap, bags and tags yesterday. Still does not look as neat as yours. And darn I found no money!

  5. You do have a lot of wrapping paper and now it is so well organized! Hmmmm...nice chunk of change you found too, Shirley!!!...:)JP

  6. Shirley, if they are older than 1960, they're worth the silver price whatever it is going for...that might be the "x5" ...:)JP

  7. Wowza! Is that incentive or what?
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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