Monday, January 26, 2015

Pioneer Days!

How did they do that!

I was without heat for one afternoon and night.
It's winter and the temps. in the low 20's.
My boiler stopped working.
Of course it was a Sunday and without hope of getting it taken care of till the next day.
However, I have a wood burning fireplace, a nice supply of wood and an electric blanket!!
Being without power would be MUCH worse.
I spent the night in most of my clothes under my electric blanket and was quite comfortable. 
Oh, I did have to put a hat on.
Now I understand the reason for "night-caps"!

I watch "Little House On The Prairie" a lot of times and wondered how they stood the wintertime.
Their only source of heat was the fireplace.
By morning the house must have been very cold as the fire burned down during the night.
I thought of that as I went out to get wood and start to build a fire first thing this morning.
The women had to be so tough.  They all did.  I don't think I would've survived!

How about you?



  1. Whenever I think about the olden days, I know I could have never survived. Those men and women (and children) were a strong breed! The only heat in the house the fireplace, No modern appliances, you would have had to cook over that same fire. Wading in the snow with who knows what on your feet or what kind of clothing to take care of animals and property. They had such a hard time. So many died so young, especially women. I am so grateful to be alive today in my warm, toasty house. I hope nothing further happens to your furnace! We need to replace ours soon. I am dreading the cost.

  2. My idea of ruffing it would be checking into the Hyatt and calling room service. But, I can remember when I was a teen things weren't that easy/ Only a washing machine and then you had to put it through the wringer and into the rinse water and the through the wringer to get the water out. You either hung it in the basement in the winter or in spring and summer out side. Canning all summer so that we would have vegetables, jellies, tomato sauce and the potatoes, carrots and apples in the root cellar. How spoiled we are. = hope you get your furnace fixed quickly. Stay warm.

  3. Poor you good job for the blanket and fire. I do not have the heating on much as I haouse is not that large and we have a log burner in the lounge and a Aga which is always on in the kitchen. It is a bit cold in the bedroom in the morning, but that just makes me get up dressed quicker.

  4. We don't realise how good we have it.

  5. I like to think I could have been a pioneer and met the challenge! I tend to like the old ways, we heat our home with wood, just for comfort of our living area, but I can split wood like a champ with a maul! I know my way around the kitchen, sew a straight line and crochet! I would miss a hot shower & running water though! I love LHOTP, I'm excited to read the books to my grandchildren when they visit! Keep warm it's gonna be a cold one in Ohio tonight!! Pixie

  6. Hi there. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. I don't think I could have been a pioneer woman. I love antiques and old houses and barns but I'd have to live with today's modern amenities I'm afraid. We are very spoiled and blessed today, at least in our part of the world. Have a cozy evening. Pam


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