Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Girls

It's been freezing here.  I mean zero temps.
When there's snow in the chicken run, the girls won't even venture out!
They must not like to get snow on their little feet!
I open their pop door every morning about 8am.
This morning it was a balmy 24 degrees.
I put meal worms out in their little ground dish.
They peeked out.

Now Lily is having a look.

Eggo, the brown girl, decided to take a look but changed her mind and is heading back in!

Dottie is the only one to the meal worms!!!

Molly is taking another look.

I'm sure she's wondering why I don't sweep all that white snow away!!!

Martha hasn't even looked out yet!
Maybe she's on the nest giving me an egg!!!!
I've been having to give them their treats INSIDE their coop!
(Who has who trained!)
I got this plastic dish thing after Christmas on sale.  I think it's for chips and dip but works perfectly here for the chickens treats.

 Because heaven forbid they should have to go out there!!!!!

Today they're having greens, grated cheese and scrambled eggs.

And there is Miss Pepsi looking on from under her heat lamp.  Mamma cat only comes for meals and at night.  She is the huntress I guess.



  1. I think you have the girls spoiled and all the rest of your pets LOL. My dogs are rotten too.
    Stay warm. Sure glad that I don't live in Ohio anymore. We were up by Lake Erie and always got the Lake effect - snow.....

  2. I like the fact you spoil them!...:)JP


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