Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So Many Recipes!

I have enough recipes and cookbooks to have something different to eat every day for years!!
I think I'm just a collector though!
I know I like cookbooks and before the internet and Pinterest I liked buying a new cookbook now and then.
Even if it was just to look though!!
Now, it's so easy to get tons of wonderful sounding recipes that I've got at least a million!!

These are just printed from Pinterest or food sites or people's blogs!

At first I tried to put them in a notebook but I didn't buy a big enough notebook!

These are just some of my cookbooks.

I'm trying not to print things out now unless I'm really going to make it that day!  I'll just save on Pinterest like everyone else.  That way they are easy to catagorize and find.

At the moment I'm trying to just live from my pantry and freezer.
So no new recipes unless I already have the ingredients!
I've already eaten some left over soup tonight but I may make an easy stuffed cabbage casserole from ingredients I have.  I've already thawed out some ground turkey and I have a bag of cabbage coleslaw that will work.  All the other ingredients are in the pantry.
Might as well make it tonight.  There's nothing much on TV!
Variations of this recipes are easy to find.
I'll show you mine when it's all done.  : ))



  1. I too have many cookbooks but I very rarely use them.

  2. I never ring anything any more Shirley, I save it to a file, then organize the file...LOL!...:)JP


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