Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do You Zentangle?

Well, I learned about something new.  Well, apparently it's not new but I never heard about it before last week!
Norma, a friend of mine, told me about it and when I looked it up on Google and Pinterest . . . . . .
Oh my goodness.
I took to it right away!

It's sort of like doodling on steroids!

Look it up on Pinterest.  There's hundreds of patterns but it's really where ever your imagination takes you.
Here are my very firsts.
 The part that looks a different color is were I started with the wrong kind of pen.
(Don't use a Sharpie)

These are the types of pens to use.

Zentangle is like yoga for the brain.
It is good to relieve stress, good for the memory, helps to make brain connections and helps with focus!
(Now, who can't use help with those things!!!!)
It's good for relaxation and has meditative elements.
It's easy to learn and is self soothing.
Teaches you to own your mistakes because it is done in pen and there's no erasing.  You work your "mistakes" into your pattern.  That makes it good for creative problem solving.
Who knew that this "beautiful doodling" could be so good for you!!

Go ahead, go look it up on Pinterest or Google.
You'll be amazed.

So . . . Do you Zentangle?


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  1. I've seen books with these patterns in them or simular ones all very relaxing to do.


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