Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Keeping Chickens for Fun and Eggs.

First things first!
If you think raising chickens would be fun and your town allows it.  
I say GO FOR IT!!
Or if your city/town doesn't allow chickens, MOVE TO THE COUNTRY!

I'm sorry I didn't get chickens a long time ago.  
They are a hoot!

There are more and more urban places that are allowing chickens, even if it's just 2 or 3 hens.
With more people interested in where their food is coming from, there is definitely more talk about chicken keeping.
But, the first thing to do before you get all excited about getting those cute, fluffy little baby chicks, is to call the extension office of your town and see if there are any restrictions on chicken raising.
It would be terrible to get all attached to little Marigold and Gertrude then have to give them up!

Now, if you've found out you can have them at your location, the very next thing to do is to plan their housing.
Yes, a chicken coop.  
This comes BEFORE getting your chicks!
It's important to get started on that a couple months before it's time for the little cuties to be old enough to leave their brooder.
You know, it always takes longer to make something than planned.
You may plan on buying a coop ready made.  In that case, make sure it is really well made.  It's going to be out in the weather!
I just know about here in NE Ohio.
It can be brutal on wood!
The little second coop that I have in the chicken yard, just for cover, has already had to have it's roof replaced.

Just sayin'
My brother-in-law put it together from a kit in an afternoon and then we added the wheels and handles so we could move it more easily.  (Making it into what they call a "chicken tractor".)
This little coop is only big enough for a couple chickens and then you would have to add on a run for them.  It's not made strong enough.
Remember, if it's your primary coop, it has to keep those night predators OUT!
This little coop would be easy pickin' for a raccoon!

I'm glad now that I decided to have a friend build mine inside my garage where it is protected.
No, it's not as cute, but it is nice and big and very strong.
It's insulated and has electric power to it.

OK, those are the first two things you should do when planning ahead to get chicks.
Keep posted for the next things to do before chicks arrive.
And HEY! 
 Where are you going to get them??



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  1. Funny I got a chicken first she wondered in off the street, don't know where she came from or how old she is but that was almost two years ago and she is now part of the family is our Drummy.


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