Thursday, July 30, 2015

How To Prepare For Your First Chicks

Read, Read, Read!

I can't stress this enough.
Heaven knows, there's enough information out there about raising chickens.
And it's not hard to find.
I researched for about a year before I ordered my chicks!!!
But that's just me.
I'm sure most people don't do that much!
I was so afraid I'd do something wrong and my little ones would die and it would be my fault!!
They are fragile at first but most of the time they survive our blunders if those tiny ones have the essentials of heat, water and food!
OK then!
Here are the research books that I have.

Most of these you can also find in the library.
But it's good to have some on hand to answer your questions when you first start or if a problem arrises.
If I were to have just two, they would be:
"The Storeys Guide to Raising Chickens"
(It's like the bible for information)
 Lisa Steele's
"Fresh Eggs Daily"
I go to it all the time because it stresses raising chicken naturally and organically and has a lot of natural remedies and things about herbs.

Of course there's so much information on line too:
These are 3 really good blogs (besides mine : ))

Fresh Eggs Daily
She's the one who wrote the above book

The Chicken Mama

The Chicken Chic

And of course there's always Google!
She knows everything!!!

Also if you look on my Pinterest page (link on the right side bar)
I have a board for Chickens and Coops

So, get some info on coops, start building this winter and read, read, read!
I promise it's easy after you have your chickens!!

I have started to broadcast on Periscope.
I try to correlate a blog post with the subject I am talking about on Periscope because I am trying to promote my blog.
Periscope is a new app of live broadcasting.
It's connected to Twitter since Twitter owns it.
I sort of picked the niche of "raising chickens" since no one else was talking about it.
I "scope" on other things too like showing when I cook or bake.
And I've scoped when I've been out to the barn with the horses.
The scopes only last for 24 hours and you can find them on Twitter.
Since I scope everyday, there's always one or two on there.
Find me on Twitter.
Shirley Corwin @hoofprints
(There's a link along the right side bar.)

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