Friday, July 24, 2015

Do Your Clothes Turn Orange!

Well, Sunscreen is the culprit.
Especially one ingredient in almost all sunscreens.
It's the Avobenzone.
(And most moisturizers that have a sunscreen in has this too!)
If you read carefully, it says "May stain some clothing"!!
Well when I was younger, I didn't wear sunscreen or I chose like a number 4!!
Of course, this past year, I had to have some small skin cancers removed so then I started wearing nothing less than a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or higher.
These are what I was using.

That's when my clothes started turning orange when I would wash them.  Especially around the neck and on the sleeves.
It was driving me nuts.
I was totally bleaching the heck out of my white shirts.
You can only do that so many times before they fall apart!!
As you can see, the higher the SPF, the more Avobenzone and the oranger my clothes were getting!
But why my clothes and not my daughters!!
Well it so happens that it is the chemical reaction that happens between 
the Avobenzone and iron which is in harder water.
Like WELL WATER!  That I have!
I have a water softener but there must still be more iron in my water than city water.
I had to find a sunscreen without the Avobenzone.
There are just a few and they are made with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.
You know . . . like Desitin ointment!!!!

Well, let me tell you one thing.  It certainly is waterproof!!

 You can hardly even wash it off with soap!
But if I have to be uncovered in the sun, I guess I'll have to wear it.
At least it doesn't smell like the old Desitin.
Remember that smell?
Sort of like fish oil!

Well, my clothes haven't turned orange for the past month.
So I guess that's a good thing.
If anyone knows of a more pleasant sunscreen without the Avobenzone, let me know!




  1. Thank you, this is helpful..I can not use bleach so it made it hard for me to wash them :(

  2. We should start wearing hats again, save our collars and faces.


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