Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blueberry Scones

Today I did a Periscope broadcast on baking Blueberry Scones.
It will only be on for 24 hours after I broadcast it.
So here's the written recipe for whoever wants it.
It's from Allrecipes.
It says the flour they used was spelt flour but I just used regular unbleached flour 
because that's what I had.

Here are mine coming out of the oven.

Some little hints about these scones:

Don't over bake or they'll be too dry inside.
Scones aren't real sweet so you can add more sugar if you want them sweeter.
If you're making them for tea time.  I cut them each in half again so they are a little more dainty!
These are a little big for tea : ))

If you're looking in from Periscope, thank you so much for visiting.

And for sure, the best thing I ever made from blueberries are these muffins!!
Try them too!!



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